A few people have asked where they can find my playlists online, so I thought I'd just share a bit about the music I play in my classes and workshops. I craft all the playlists I use. I passionately love music, and I spend much of my time listening to music, following artists on youtube, listening to the music used in films and theatre performances, on the radio, in bars and cafes, listening to how my body is moved by the music. I purchase the tracks (I never download for free - artists should be paid for their craft), add them to my library, categorise them according to how they move my body and what Rhythm they call in. 
For my Monday class, I start to prepare my music on the Tuesday, feeling into what's 'in the field' (what happened in the dance the night before, the season and weather, local, national and world events, anything that we might be dancing with), and I begin to feel into the next class, gathering tracks each day, adding and subtracting tracks, until by Sunday evening I have 2 or 3 playlists that I can use, that I can skip between in the class, depending on what is happening in the room on the Monday night. I always have a plan, and I always drop the plan when I meet the group, allowing us (my dance, your dance, the music) to co-create the path that I guide us along. Please feel free, at the end of the class (or by text/email later in the week), to ask me about tracks that moved you, I am happy to share the music I love - but please don't ask me when I'm teaching - my attention is focused on you, beloved dancers, and not on the name of the track! A great resource for Waves to dance to at home can be found at With dancing love, Rose x



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