5Rhythms workshops with Rose Ramsay in Bradford


Prayer: A 5Rhythms Solstice workshop, 19th Dec 2021

As we move towards the winter Solstice and the darkest time of the year, in this Sunday afternoon 5Rhythms workshop, we'll be dancing with gratitude, with hope and with our prayers as we prepare to journey through the longest night. The darkness can be a place of refuge, nourishment and renewal, and we'll dance with the dark earth that holds and sustains us all. And we'll dance with the light of the setting sun, with candles, moon light and the promise of winter fires, calling into our dance what we'll need as we journey through the long northern winter: a place to call home, good food, the warmth of companionship and community, and a sense of our connection to the bigger picture and our place within it.

We'll dance together for 2.5 hours and then after our dance there'll be time to share food for folk who'd like to gather together.

We'll begin at 2pm, finish dancing at 4.30pm and share food between 4.30 and 5.30pm.

The price of this workshop is £18 (some concessions of £15 available). Please email me at dancing5rwithrose@gmail.com to book your place and for more information.

Dancing love,







Sunday afternoon workshop on Sunday 19th December, 2.30pm - 4pm, with shared food afterwards (optional)




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