5Rhythms workshops with Rose Ramsay in Bradford

'For All Our Relations':

A special environment charity fundraiser.

Sunday 23rd February 

12pm - 5pm at St Hugh's

Please join us as we dance with the generous earth and with our collective intention to be part of the solution. We'll release into the dance whatever burdens we carry on the day, making space for more dances of gratitude, and hopefully we'll rest in some compassion for ourselves and all our relations, known and unknown, seen and unseen. I am donating the proceeds from this workshop to two environment charities. Please contact me for more details. Price for the workshop is £30/£25. If you'd like to join us please email me on dancing5rwithrose@gmail.com




Spring workshops

Three spring Waves workshops, suitable for 5Rhythms dancers wanting to deepen their dance, and for newcomers curious about the 5Rhythms movement meditation practice. 

No experience is needed, just a willingness to move and your curiosity, every body welcome.

The venue for all workshops is St Hugh's Centre, Coach Rd, Bradford, BD17 5HS

Times: 12pm - 5pm 

Booking required (please see below for details)


Sunday 15th March

'Root and Branch': A 5Rhythms workshop

In this early spring workshop we'll flow through a Wave of the 5Rhythms, and then we'll focus especially on the relationship between the Rhythms of Flow and Lyrical. By planting our feet firmly upon the ground and feeling our roots going down deep, we gain a sense of our being upon this earth. Opening the soles of our feet we can receive the nourishment we need to grow into our head, arms and hands, the energy needed to flourish. Let's see what fresh perspectives the rhythm of Lyrical brings us this spring.


Sunday 19th April

'Playing With Fire': A 5Rhythms Staccato workshop

The Rhythm of Staccato is where we explore our relationship to clarity and direction, where we listen to the beat of our own heart as well as the beat of the drum. Staccato is the place of collective action, of taking a stand and standing up for what we believe in.  Staccato is the Rhythm we draw on when we climb a mountain or sit an exam or set an intention. The serious stuff! And in 5Rhythms, Staccato is a place to play with all of this. Children know the wisdom of play, that by playing we can find the truth of our own power and agency, that by being too serious we get in our own way. So in this April workshop we'll play with the fire of Staccato!


Sunday May 17th

'Releasing': A 5Rhythms Chaos workshop

In each of the 5Rhythms we're invited to release a part of the body into movement: in Flowing we release our feet, in Staccato our hips, in Chaos our head, in Lyrical our hands and in Stillness our whole body with our breath.

In this workshop we'll dance through a Wave of the 5Rhythms, releasing each part of the body into movement, and then we'll lavish attention on the ways we can release the head into movement. By releasing the head, we soften rigid thoughts, judgements and beliefs, allowing them to wash away in the dance, and by softening the head, neck and spine we allow the body more freedom to move and to dance. And it is through the portal of chaos that we open into the delicious landscape of Lyrical.


The price of each workshop is £30 (£25 concessions). 

These workshops can be taken as 'stand-alone' workshops or as a workshop series. You can attend just 1, or 2, or all 3, and I'm offering a 10% discount to dancers who book and pay for all 3 workshops by 14th March.

To book your place and for more details please conatct me (Rose) at dancing5rwithrose@gmail.com.


Dancing love,





'In-person and on-line 5Rhythms classes continue, please contact me for details at dancing5rwithrose@gmail.com






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